Up For Building A Career In The Field Of Astrology?… Well, Here Are Some Job Profiles For You To Consider!

Building a career in the field of interest is one thing everyone looks up to in their life, be it related to arts or some technical fields. Undoubtedly, there are numerous common career options available out there like starting a business, becoming a doctor or an engineer, travel guide, etc., and some new emerging fields like actuarial science in which one can specialize. But there are multiple other options other than these modern fields which resonate with the traditional roots of the past. And one such field is astrology.

Astrology is a science that relies on planets, stars, and celestial bodies to ultimately make predictions about the lives of people and the future in general. Relying on the traditional beliefs of people who maintain their faith in predictions, it is without a doubt a field that has a great career potential with multiple job options one can opt for as per their interests.

If you are also fascinated by the field of astrology and want to build your career in the same, here is a list of job profiles you might want to consider.


With numbers majorly being the basis of prediction, being a numerologist as a career option would help you be a specialist of being able to make predictions about a person’s life based on their name, date of birth, etc. You would be able to extract the spiritual meaning out of it to suggest to people the ways in which they can increase their happiness in life.



If you choose to become a palmist, then your job would be as per your specialization of psychic reading different types of palms and deriving meanings out of them. You would be able to understand the lines on the palms of people and make predictions about their life.

Vedic Mathematician

Becoming a Vedic Mathematician would render you with an expertise of analysing the Kundli of people and telling their fortunes on the basis of it. You are also likely to have the skill of making Kundli after making the necessary calculations that are required to prepare this written document.



This job profile in the field of astrology would cover a lot of aspects that you would specialize in. It would include analysing the influence of stars in the life of people, telling horoscopes based on zodiac signs, predicting things about the future, and a lot more.

Mind Reader

As the name itself suggests, this field of astrology would render you with a skill to be able to read the minds of the people and predict things & reveal hidden ideas based on that.

Tarot Card Reader


Your job here would be to understand and reveal the past, present, and future of the people by making predictions on the basis of tarot cards picked by them.