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Palazzo del Broletto


The new section entirely dedicated to architecture, exhibited in the great hall of the Palazzo del Broletto,
is the novelty of the second edition which will bring together drawings, models, photographs, design,
and artistic works from architects and contemporary photographers.


A unique architecture fair that welcomes the most recent experiments and artifacts,
some of which have been made specifically for the occasion and gathered in a Wunderkammer dedicated to colour.

Works by


Les couleurs du ciel, Berger&Berger - ©Berger&Berger


Inessa Hansch, Belvedere - ©Inessa Hansch


Senza titolo, Marco Cappelletti - ©Marco Cappelletti


Folies d'architecture, William Alsop - ©Alta Volta

Abinal & Ropars, France
Alta Volta Agency, France
Andrea Tonellotto / Heillandi Gallery, Switzerland
Anticàmera, Italy
Antoine Espinasseau & Gaétan Brunet / France
Antoine Espinasseau / It’s Great Design, France
Berger&Berger, France
bureau David Apheceix, France
Bureau Spectacular / Urban Fabric Rugs, China
Celia-Hannes, France
Enrico Cano, Italy
Ettore Sottsass / Lithos, Italy
Ettore Sottsass / Eclecticó Studio, Romania
Fabio Don, Switzerland
Inessa Hansch Architecte, France
l’AUC, France
Labro & Davis, France
Marc Leschelier, France
Marco Cappelletti, Italy
Margot Errante / Heillandi Gallery, Switzerland
Massimo Siragusa / Galleria Contrasto, Italy
Mathieu Peyroulet Ghilini, France
Migrant Garden, Italy
Naho Kobuta, USA
Nicolas Delaroche / MOBILAB GALLERY, Switzerland
PiM.studio, United Kingdom
Riccardo Dalisi / Roberta Lietti, Italy
SAM Architects, United Kingdom
Stefano Boeri / Roberta Lietti, Italy
StileLibero, Italy
Studio Lunik, Italy
studio O, China / Germany



Andreas Kofler is an architect-urbanist, freelance writer and curator of the Swiss Architecture Museum (S AM). Originally from Meran (South Tyrol, Italy), he studied architecture in Madrid and Vienna, where he graduated from the Technical University in 2005. Since then, he has worked for several offices and architects – amongst them Theo Deutinger (TD), Rem Koolhaas (OMA/ AMO), l’AUC and Dominique Perrault (DPA) – before co-founding in Paris, together with Marcello Tavone, the office Weltgebraus. Most of his projects imply a multidisciplinary declension, such as the work on Greater Paris (DPA), Greater Moscow (l’AUC), Prada (AMO), and the exhibition The Image of Europe (TD/AMO) for the European Union. His curatorial projects include Japanese architectures in Paris, 1867–2017 and the first exhibition about Armando Ronca, both accompanied by homonymous publications. He is a regular writer for magazine L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui and is an associate professor at the E.N.S.A.Versailles.