Up For Building A Career In The Field Of Astrology?… Well, Here Are Some Job Profiles For You To Consider!

Building a career in the field of interest is one thing everyone looks up to in their life, be it related to arts or some technical fields. Undoubtedly, there are numerous common career options available out there like starting a business, becoming a doctor or an engineer, travel guide, etc., and some new emerging fields like actuarial science in which one can specialize. But there are multiple other options other than these modern fields which resonate with the traditional roots of the past. And one such field is astrology.

Astrology is a science that relies on planets, stars, and celestial bodies to ultimately make predictions about the lives of people and the future in general. Relying on the traditional beliefs of people who maintain their faith in predictions, it is without a doubt a field that has a great career potential with multiple job options one can opt for as per their interests.

If you are also fascinated by the field of astrology and want to build your career in the same, here is a list of job profiles you might want to consider.


With numbers majorly being the basis of prediction, being a numerologist as a career option would help you be a specialist of being able to make predictions about a person’s life based on their name, date of birth, etc. You would be able to extract the spiritual meaning out of it to suggest to people the ways in which they can increase their happiness in life.



If you choose to become a palmist, then your job would be as per your specialization of psychic reading different types of palms and deriving meanings out of them. You would be able to understand the lines on the palms of people and make predictions about their life.

Vedic Mathematician

Becoming a Vedic Mathematician would render you with an expertise of analysing the Kundli of people and telling their fortunes on the basis of it. You are also likely to have the skill of making Kundli after making the necessary calculations that are required to prepare this written document.



This job profile in the field of astrology would cover a lot of aspects that you would specialize in. It would include analysing the influence of stars in the life of people, telling horoscopes based on zodiac signs, predicting things about the future, and a lot more.

Mind Reader

As the name itself suggests, this field of astrology would render you with a skill to be able to read the minds of the people and predict things & reveal hidden ideas based on that.

Tarot Card Reader


Your job here would be to understand and reveal the past, present, and future of the people by making predictions on the basis of tarot cards picked by them.

How do I find a psychic?

How do I find a psychic near me? This is one question that many ask when searching for psychics close to them to perform a psychic reading on them. Unlike other professionals like doctors, lawyers, masons and the likes, it is not so easy to find psychics because they are not as widely concentrated in a specific area as other professionals. But the good news is that there are so many psychic websites you can use these days. There are even online psychics who do free psychic readings to first timers.

The internet has now opened up access to all, which was something that was never the case in the past. Online platforms have now made it very easy to get cheap online psychic reading for a fraction of a cost. And believe us when we say that you will get your money’s worth from the exercise if you use a real psychic with proven years of experience. Online networks allow you to converse with the psychic just the same way you would if you were sitting in the same room with the psychic.

But despite the prevalence of online portals, it is still a tricky subject for many. Finding a reliable and sincere psychic who can be trusted is never an easy thing to do for several reasons. Firstly, it is not easy to tell if a psychic is real or fake if you have no prior experience with them. Secondly, many of the online platforms are not very reliable. So how do I find a free psychic if I wanted to have a psychic reading done on me? Read on to find out.


Be conversant with the industry

The first thing you want to do is to be conversant with the industry. The psychic industry is alive, well and thriving, contrary to what many scientists and skeptics will have you believe. There are different niches and sub-niches in the psychic industry. Although you don’t have to study to be an industry expert, it pays to know a thing or two about psychics and how they operate. From tarot card readers to crystal ball gazers, there are different types of psychics.

Knowing a little about psychics will help you alleviate some of your concerns before you book a session with one. Also, you will be more knowledgeable when choosing the type of psychic reading you want.

Read genuine reviews online

When looking for a psychic in your area you should review reviews on the internet to assess the expertise and experience of the free psychic. Many psychic websites publish fake reviews and claim reviews that are not authentic from customers that aren’t true. However, there are methods to steer clear of these. To begin, when doing your search on the internet for psychics, steer clear of advertisements published by psychic websites since most of them aren’t genuine reviews. You should instead look for forums or forums that are dedicated to psychics as well as psychic-related information.

The good thing is that a lot of users who have utilized psychics’ expertise have not been shy about sharing their experiences. The blogs and reviews of their clients will give you an initial knowledge of the authenticity of the psychic you’re seeking advice from is legitimate and is dependable. Victims of fraud will go to every length to expose and denigrate the fraudulent psychic, and you can leverage this information to identify which psychic you should avoid on the internet.

Protect your online security

The internet can be a helpful resource, but it comes with its own set of security challenges. When evaluating the authenticity of online psychics website, don’t be in a rush to accept their terms and conditions simply because you heard they are genuine or many users recommend it. Don’t also be swayed by the free psychic reading they offer first-time users. Rather, take your time to read the fine print of their terms and conditions.

How will the psychic or the psychic reading free website use the information you divulge during registration or consultations? Is the website secure and password protected? Who are the online psychics at the other end? Can they be trusted? Do the managers screen them to make sure they are trustworthy before accepting them into the platform?

These are valid concerns not to trivialize because, during the session, you will be asked personal questions which you want to keep a secret long after the session.  The last thing you want is for your information about your life to fall into the wrong hands.

Another thing to review is their payment plans and methods. You want a platform that offers multiple plans and secure payment mediums, so you don’t get duped.

Evaluate the account opening process

When searching for psychics near me, evaluate the account opening process. Avoid sites that redirect you to external sites.  Rather, the site to go for should be the ones that have secured chat rooms and sign up protocols that keep all your information and chats confidential


Use the free psychic reading option first

Don’t be in a rush to pay the subscription fee. Be sure of the value you will get by opting for the free psychic reading first. The free trial offers are of the same quality as the paid service and you can use it to gauge whether the service will be party it in the end.

Besides assessing the skill of the psychic or group of psychics on the network, a free service will help calm your nerves as you get used to having a one on one discussion with a psychic online.


Best Psychic Websites

When searching for the best free psychic near me, you can either search for independent psychics who offer online services, or you can register with psychic websites that have a rich network of established psychics that offer their services using popular websites. Some websites stand out and have amassed white a following. Below we review three of his best psychic websites where you can try psychic reading free.



Kasamba is one of the most popular online networks today. The accredited platform has some of the best online psychics on the internet. They offer clients free trials through limited minutes. The platform is secure, and all you divulge is kept safe. Kasamba is popular for users seeking a life partner and success in their relationships. You can connect with a psychic on Kasamba through phone or live chat.


Psychic Source

Psychic Source is another platform with an emphasis on tarot, spiritual cleansing and astrology. If you prefer phone psychics or chat psychics, you will definitely find them in Psychic Source. They offer 180 seconds of free psychic reading before you will have to sign up for their low cost plans. They also offer clients attractive discounts and premium technical support.


MysticSense is not as old as the other two, but this platform allows you to communicate with psychics one on one over the phone or via live chats.  Despite being a relatively new platform, it has garnered quite the following as many have come to trust it. The response rate on MysticSense is quite high, and you can perform local searches to find psychics that operate not far from where you live. This platform offers five minutes of free consultations, and it is very safe and secure.

Preparing for an online psychic reading

Once you have identified an online phone psychic or a platform you can trust, we advise that you mentally prepare for the session before connecting with the psychic. Expect the psychic to ask some generic questions at first so as to make you feel at ease before the session properly commences.  You should also expect to be asked down personal questions about yourself. The questions will be few but quite personal.

Secondly, you should not be too eager to ask psychic question but let the psychic medium take charge of the session.  Overwhelming them with too many questions may obstruct their flow and distort the information they are getting from you. Another thing you should do is trust the process. Be hopeful and expectant and believe that you will get the insight you seek.  If you keep an open mind and let trust in the process, everything will work out just fine.